VTR-45 - Military Member - Title and Registration

Military members wishing to title and register a vehicle should assemble all of the documents ordinarily required, such as the properly assigned title or manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO), bill of sale or invoice, statement of any liens or encumbrances and odometer disclosure, if applicable. Military members also need to provide a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and stationing orders.

Military members stationed on a base within Tennessee, or on a base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, should submit an application for title and registration to the county clerk in the county in which they are based, or the county in which their permanent residence is located. Military members based out of state and whose home of record on their current LES is Tennessee may either register in the state in which they are based, or in the county of their residence of record. If the residence of record is in Tennessee, but the member does not currently live in the state, they may apply for title and registration at any Tennessee county clerk’s office.


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