VTR-32 - Application for Temporary Operation Permit

A second temporary operation permit may be issued to a registrant that continues to have difficulty obtaining a certificate of title following the expiration of the first temporary operation permit. 

Registrants should submit the Application for Temporary Operation Permit below, along with the following documents necessary to issue the temporary operation permit, to a participating Tennessee county clerk’s office:

  • Ownership documentation (bill of sale or manufacturer’s certificate of origin);
  • Proof that the owner has taken steps to obtain a title and registration for the vehicle;
  • Driver license; and
  • $10 fee for issuance of the temporary operation permit.

The county clerk’s office will determine whether the law permits the issuance of the additional temporary operation permit for the vehicle. For further information, please contact the Vehicle Services division at (615) 741-3101.

NOTE: Temporary Operation Permits CANNOT be issued on salvage vehicles.

Additional information: Application for Temporary Operation Permit

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