DIFIC-5 – Full Book of Business (FBOB) Information

The State of Tennessee requires insurance companies to submit a full book of business (FBOB) to the Department of Revenue on a regular basis. For companies with more than 500 personal liability policies in the state, the FBOB needs to be submitted once a month at a minimum. Tennessee law mandates that the FBOB data arrive by the seventh of each month, and it can be sent as early as the first of the month. Web service is optional. However, using web services enables the Department to remove potential warning letters and more efficiently administer the insurance verification program generally.

If an insurance company sends a full book of business with a VIN that does not appear in the Department’s catalog of Tennessee registrations, an error file will be created that the insurer can download from its SFTP website. An email will be sent to the insurer’s designated email address with a notification that an error file has been created.

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