DIFIC-1 – Insurance Verification Program - Overview

The James Lee Atwood, Jr. Law (also referred to as the electronic insurance verification program) imposes insurance requirements on motor vehicles operated on Tennessee roads, not just on the individual registrant of a given vehicle. Every actively registered VIN in Tennessee that is driven on Tennessee roadways must carry the minimum liability insurance coverage required by law. This insurance coverage must be reflected in the insurance company’s monthly full book of business (FBOB) or the registrant will be subject to fines and ultimately the suspension of their registration.

Broad form insurance policies that provide coverage for a particular individual do not satisfy Tennessee’s financial responsibility requirements, unless the policy is tied to a specific VIN(s).

To view the James Lee Atwood, Jr. Law in its entirety, including information related to program requirements, notices, registrant remedies and alternatives, and penalties for noncompliance, please see Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 55-12-201, et seq., available here.

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