TNTAP Tax Returns-4 – Filing a Single Location Return for a Company with Multiple Locations

Some Tennessee tax types are consolidated, meaning that all activity for that tax is filed under one account number regardless of how many locations the business has in Tennessee. If you are filing a consolidated tax, each location’s return information must be completed before the return can be submitted. You can choose to have one person submit the return on behalf of all locations, or you can identify different employees or tax professionals to report the information for each individual location in TNTAP.      

When all locations have been reported, someone must submit the return on behalf of all locations. Otherwise, the return will not be submitted to the Department. Any person authorized to enter location filing details may also complete the final submission step for the business. All locations must be complete without errors in order to submit the return. Ideally, the last person to complete their location details should also complete the final submission. If the final submission is after the due date, the entire balance (sum of all locations) is subject to penalty and interest.      

The steps below describe a business with three locations. In this scenario, each location is filed by a different person. These steps can be repeated regardless of the number of locations a business has.      

In the below example:     

  • TNTAP user 1 is responsible for filing location 1.
  • TNTAP user 2 is responsible for filing location 2.

To have multiple people file for different locations for a single business in TNTAP, use the following steps:      

TNTAP User 1 

  1. Log in to TNTAP.
  2. Click “File Return” for the relevant return.
  3. Select the Location ID hyperlink for location 1.
  4. Enter the location 1 filing details.
  5. Select the “Save Draft” button.
  6. Select the “Finish Later” button, and then enter your password as confirmation.
  7. At this point, the location details for location 1 are saved.

TNTAP User 2 

  1. Log in to TNTAP.
  2. Since TNTAP User 1 has entered details to this return, you need to edit the existing saved return. It can be found under “File/View Returns” or in the submissions.
  3. Select the Location ID hyperlink for location 2.
  4. Enter the location 2 filing details.
  5. Submit the return.
  6. Enter your password to act as your signature.
  7. The confirmation page is displayed.
  8. The return has been successfully submitted.


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