VT-3 - Title Status Inquiry by Owner or Lienholder

Registrants that have not received a title that they were expecting can call our call center and a representative can research the status of the title, if the registrant can provide the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).  There are various situations in which a title may be pending issuance. Depending on the circumstances, our representatives will provide information on the status of the title or if any actions are required to complete the process.

In addition, a lienholder may check the status of a title. If there is no update in the computer system of it being processed, lien holders will need to contact the County Clerk location where the noting of lien was mailed, to obtain an update on the status.

More information: Call center numbers:  Toll-free: (888) 871-3171, Nashville-area and out-of-state: (615) 741-3101.

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