CS-OIC-7 - What Happens if Offer is Accepted

The Department will notify the applicant by mail if the offer is accepted. Please ensure that you maintain an accurate and updated mailing address with the Department.

Please keep in mind that some offers in compromise require the approval of the Attorney General and Reporter and the Comptroller of the Treasury. In those cases, the Department will notify the taxpayer that the compromise is being recommended for approval and will then follow up as soon as possible with a final decision.

When the offer is accepted, the Department will provide a compromise agreement for the taxpayer to sign and return. The Commissioner of Revenue will then sign the agreement, which will be mailed back to the taxpayer for them to retain in their records.

Payment of the accepted offer must be made by the date set out in the compromise agreement. If a state tax lien has been placed on the taxpayer’s property, the Department will release the lien promptly upon receipt of full payment of the offered amount.

Payment of the offer may be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT), cashier’s check, or money order.


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