PRR-7 - Department Response Time to Public Records Request

As required by law, the Department will respond to your request within 7 business days. When the Department responds, it will either:              

  • Provide the records requested;
  • Let you know the Department needs more time to fill the request and give an anticipated response date; or
  • Deny the request, including the reason for the denial.

The Department typically denies requests because the record is confidential, the record does not exist, or the request does not sufficiently provide enough detail to allow the Department to identify the correct records. In some cases, the Department may fill part of a request, but deny the remainder, or redact a portion of the record.                

To see the Department's public records policy, and to read more about how to submit a public records request, please visit our website here.

Reference: Tenn. Code Ann. § 10-7-503(a).

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