Career-3 – Application and Hiring Process

For each job you apply for, your application will be evaluated to determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications (e.g., education, experience) required for the job.               

You will be notified of your eligibility within a few weeks following the submission of your application (or approximately one to two weeks after the closing deadline for application). If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be sent a notice inviting you to participate in the first-round interview. The State of Tennessee conducts all first-round interviews electronically by emailing interview questions to the email address listed on your applicant profile. If you fail to complete the first-round interview, you will not progress in the interview process.              

Job interviews are usually conducted in the county in which the position is located. Costs associated with travel to and from interviews are not reimbursed by the State of Tennessee. Additionally, job offers generally will not include reimbursement of relocation costs.

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