CS-Payment Plans-9 - Liquor-by-the-Drink Taxes

If you are requesting a payment plan for liquor-by-the-drink (LBD) taxes, you must file all LBD tax returns due prior to requesting the payment plan and you must ensure that an updated LBD price schedule has been submitted to the Department within the past 12 months. If you have previously had two or more payment plans terminated, filed bankruptcy, have an issue with your bond, or have been issued a levy, you should contact the IPA Unit at (615) 741-4200 to enter into the payment plan.

If your payment plan for LBD taxes has been terminated, even though you filed and paid the LBD tax returns due, this is likely because you need to submit an updated LBD price schedule to the Department. You can find more information regarding the price schedule by visiting our website here. Once you have submitted the price schedule, you will need to initiate a new payment plan.


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