E-file-1 - How to File Business Tax Online

  1. Login to TNTAP.
  2. Select “Business Tax” link. If you don’t see your account, then gain access to your account.
  3. Click “File Return.”
  4. You can upload a CSV file on this first screen. This is not typical for most filers. Click “Next”.
  5. Upload any supporting documents. Click “Next”.
  6. You will see all locations available to file along with the city and county that location is filing for. Select that location ID, and you will be able to enter gross sales at that location.

Note: If you are a class 4, or class 3 cable provider, your location may only be for the city tax and you will enter your sales on line 7, not line 1.

  1. Enter in your sales for all locations, and then click “Next”. You will be able to make a payment and submit your return.
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