LBD-6 - When to File Annual Price Schedule

Businesses that file liquor-by-the-drink (LBD) tax are also required to submit LBD price schedules to the Department. The first price schedule should be filed before the business begins selling alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises.               

Once operating, an updated price schedule should be filed each year in the same month the business began filing LBD tax.  For example, if a business began reporting LBD in January, the price schedule would be due in January of each year.                 

The easiest way to submit your price schedule each year is through your TNTAP account. During the month when your price schedule is due, you will see two returns when you log into your TNTAP account, the LBD tax return and the price schedule.       

A business should amend its price schedule any time there is a change in drink prices or pour sizes before the annual due date. Any change in the price or pour will be significant when computing a markup. Additional information about submitting a price schedule is available here.  

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