LBD-1- How to Register for LBD

The first step is to register with the Tennessee Department of Revenue for sales tax, business tax, and any additional taxes that may apply. Online registration for liquor-by-the-drink is available online on the Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point (TNTAP) under Register a New Business.              

The second step is to apply for a license with the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (“ABC”). Once the application has been submitted to the ABC, the next step is to provide the Department of Revenue with a $10,000 security bond. The bond may be a corporate surety indemnity bond, certificate of deposit or cash bond. Once the bond has been secured, the Department will notify the ABC that the license may be issued.

Reference: See Tennessee Code Title 57, Chapter 4, Consumption for Alcoholic Beverages on Premises and Rules of the Tennessee Department of Revenue Rule 1320-4-2.pdf, for more information. Both resources can be accessed through the Department’s website. 

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