About TNTAP-14 – Retrieving a Saved Request in TNTAP

Saved requests can be accessed in multiple ways through TNTAP. Below are instructions that describe each.       

From the TNTAP logon page:       

This is only to retrieve a request that was saved without logging in to TNTAP. You MUST have the confirmation code that was emailed to you at the time you saved the request as a draft.    

  1. In the Help section, select the “View Additional Services” hyperlink.      
  2. Click the “Retrieve a saved submission” link.
  3. Enter in your email and confirmation code.
  4. Click the “Submit” button.        


After logging in to TNTAP:       

  1. Log in to TNTAP.         
  2. If you have access to multiple taxpayers, select the taxpayer.
  3. Select the “More…” tab
  4. Click the “Search Submissions” link.
  5. Select the submission.
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