TNTAP Tax Returns-11 – Filing an Amended Return for Motor Fuel Taxes

To file an amended motor fuel taxes return in TNTAP:      

  1. Select the tax account.
  2. Select the correct period.
  3. Click “File or amend a return.”
  4. Click “Amend Return.”

Some forms require supplemental files/amendments. That means you should only submit the changes to the original return, and not the entire return. This is true for the following accounts:        

  • Distributor Monthly Fuel Tax Return
  • Governmental Sales Claim for Refund
  • Blender’s Return
  • Petroleum Products Terminal Return
  • Petroleum Products Transporter Return
  • Exporter Tax Return and Claim for Refund

If the original return was filed with an upload option, you may use that same upload option to submit your amended return.           

After amending your return, the amount due on the summary screen will be the total amount due for the return. It does not consider what you have already paid for that period. When you get to the end of the return, place the amount already paid in your “Credit memo balance” line before completing it.  The system will calculate the remaining amount.  

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