TNTAP Login-11 – Various TNTAP Access Types and Levels

There are five access types in TNTAP. Each type of access is briefly described below.

  • Master – No restrictions
    • The first person to logon to TNTAP with the entity credentials will automatically become the master.
    • The master has access to any and all TNTAP features, including access to all tax accounts, payments, filings (return, refund, penalty waiver), allowing access to others, amending, logon changes, etc.
    • Can setup secondary logons for someone to act on their behalf
    • Can allow others to create additional logons for the business and manage the level of access for each
  • Administrator – Same permissions as master but only for accounts assigned to them
  • Account Manager – Same permissions as administrator but cannot manage logons
  • View Only – No account changes allowed         
  • Third-Party – Only what the taxpayer allows

Access levels dictate what actions you can perform for each individual client account. TNTAP access levels are:         

  • File returns
  • File returns and make payments
  • Make payments
  • View only

By default, the third-party representative will be granted the ability to file returns and make payments. Taxpayers can change the third-party access level to be more restrictive if they would like. Additionally, certain employees in the Department have authority to change a taxpayer’s level of access in TNTAP.

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