TIR-2 - Tax Incentives Reports Do Not Include All Credit Information

The information in each report is necessarily limited to the tax returns filed as of the date the report is compiled.  All taxpayers with fiscal years ending during the previous fiscal year have not yet filed their tax returns by the time the report is due.          

As an example, the report due January 1, 2019 was compiled on November 29, 2018.  That report includes credits reported on returns filed by November 29, 2018 for tax periods ending during the previous fiscal year July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.  A taxpayer with a fiscal year ending in December 2017 should have filed its tax return by the due date in April 2018, or by the extended due date in October 2018.  However, a taxpayer with a fiscal year ending in February 2018 or later may not yet have filed its return by the time a report is compiled in late 2018.       

To provide more complete information, the Department includes an update to the prior year’s report when the most recent report is prepared.  For example, an update to the fiscal year 2018 report will be included when the fiscal year 2019 report is prepared by January 1, 2020.

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