Aircraft-2 - How to Register Aircraft in Tennessee

Aircraft are not required to be registered with any Tennessee state government agency. Aircraft are required to be registered with the federal government, specifically the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Although aircraft are not required to be registered in Tennessee, an Affidavit of Transfer of aircraft is required on the purchase, transfer, importation, or sale of an aircraft in Tennessee. The Affidavit or Transfer of Aircraft can be found here.

Complete the Affidavit of Transfer as applicable to your circumstances. If you have questions regarding the affidavit, you may contact the Audit Division’s Discovery Unit at (615) 532-6409. 

Please note: the seller signature is not required unless you are filing the Affidavit for the sale of an aircraft.

How to file the Affidavit of Transfer:

  • Email to – Please put Aircraft Affidavit in the subject line
  • Via fax (615) 253-2732
  • Mail to:

TN Dept of Revenue
Audit Division – Discovery Unit
PO Box 190644
Nashville TN 37219

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