SUT-76 - Sales Tax Filing - Verifying Exemption Certificates

All Tennessee sales and use tax exemption certificates, including resale certificates, can be verified on the Department’s website. Here’s how:

  • Go to TNTAP.
  • Click “View Options” under Information and Inquiries.
  • Click on “Verify a Sales & Use Tax Certificate.”
  • Select the Certificate Type using the drop-down box, and enter in any other required information.
    • For example, to verify a resale certificate, you should select Blanket Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Resale. 
    • In the Location ID box, enter the Location ID included on the resale certificate. Do not enter the SLC (state and local consolidated filing) account number.
  • Click “Submit.”

It is important to note that verification of an exemption certificate does not relieve the vendor of the responsibility of obtaining and keeping a copy of the resale or other exemption certificate to document tax exempt sales.

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