SUT-64 - Video Programming Services

Subscription to, access to, or use of video services for public consumption by video programming service providers are subject to the state sales tax at a rate of 8.25% on all charges of $15.01 – $27.50 per month. Charges of $27.51 and higher are taxed at the standard state rate. Charges of $15 or less are exempt from state sales tax. These same services are exempt from the local option sales tax on the first $27.50 of charges per month, but they are subject to the applicable local rates on charges of $27.51 or higher. See this August 1999 Important Notice for more information.

Sales of direct-to-home satellite television programming or television services are taxed at a state rate of 8.25% on all charges, but they are not subject to the local option sales tax.

Reference: August 1999 Important Notice.

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