BOND-1 - How to Complete Surety Bond Rider Form

Please be sure to complete all fields on the bond rider form. Instructions for printing a bond rider from are available here. Incomplete forms cannot be accepted. Please read this information prior to submitting your bond to ensure prompt processing.

The top portion of the bond rider form is used to establish the bond that will be amended, the surety, and the principal. The following fields located at the top of the bond rider form must be completed:

  • Bond number: Provide the bond number that you wish to increase or decrease
  • Principal: This field should reflect the legal name of the business
  • Effective date: The effective date should be before the deadline to provide a corrected bond.
  • Surety: The insurance company providing the bond rider

The fields listed below may be completed by the surety but are not required to be processed:

  • Initial penal amount
  • Additional premium
  • Return premium

The next portion of the bond rider form requires you to complete the amount of the revised bond and the effective date of the bond. The amount should be provided in words (i.e. “One hundred thousand dollars”) and in numbers (i.e. “$100,000.00). 

The remainder of the bond rider form, including the signature page, should be completed before a notary public and notarized.

The Delegate of Commissioner of Revenue field at the bottom of page one of the bond rider form should be left blank. This field should be completed by the Department once the bond has been submitted.

In addition to the bond rider form, a Power of Attorney should be provided to the Department. The effective date of the POA must be on or before the effective date of the rider to be valid.

Once your bond rider form has been completed, it can be submitted to the Department through TNTAP. Instructions for submitting a bond rider form are available here

If you have questions about completing a surety bond rider form, please contact the Miscellaneous Tax Unit at (615) 253-0680.

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