Voluntary Disclosures - 2 – Filing Information

For sales and use taxes and business tax, we are currently allowing businesses to provide us with a spreadsheet broken down monthly for the period of three years from December 31 of last year plus the current year.

For all other taxes including franchise and excise taxes and Hall income tax, we require returns to be completed.

For most filers, the look-back period is based on when the return was due. Any return due from three years of January 1 of the current year will be required to be filed. If sales tax was collected and not remitted, the lookback period would begin with the date that tax was first collected.

In most instances, we will agree to abate the penalty associated with the non-filing, except when sales and use tax was collected and not remitted. However, interest cannot be waived.                                        

Interest Reference: Tenn. Code Ann. 67-1-803(2)

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