GEN-14 – Tax Refund Processing

The length of time it takes the Department to process refunds varies, depending on a number of factors.  These factors include:  tax type of the refund (e.g., sales tax, franchise & excise, etc.), the complexity of the refund basis, and the length of time it takes for a taxpayer to response to the Department’s information requests.

Once the Department has all the necessary information to review your claim for refund, the goal is to pay or deny the refund within 45 days.  If a refund is payable, and it has taken longer than 45 days from the date the Department had all necessary information on hand to work the claim, then you are entitled to interest.  The interest rate is set by law.

Tax refunds are mailed to the address you provide as your mailing address. If you have questions, contact Revenue's Refund Unit at (615) 741-0443.

References: Tenn. Code Ann. § 67-1-801(b)(1) and (2)

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