How do I manage my payment plan to avoid termination?

In order to avoid termination of your payment plan, make sure you understand your terms and manage your account.

  • Verify all monthly installment payments successfully draft timely by reviewing your recent bank statement
  • Additional payments may also be made by logging into your TNTAP account
  • New tax periods must be filed and paid by the given deadlines. If you receive a new bill, it does not automatically roll into your existing payment plan, and cannot be added to an existing payment plan.
  • Contact us immediately at (615) 741-4200 if the bank account associated with your active payment plan has changed
  • Keep your contact information up-to-date, especially your email address and phone number.

Failure to comply with these terms will place your payment plan in a pending default status. The default will need to be remedied by the date listed on the Payment Plan Default letter to prevent termination of your payment plan.

If your payment plan terminates, please be aware that all liability will be owed at that time. Unresolved liability will be transferred to collections immediately if you have not paid all outstanding liabilities.

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