How do I get my business relief payment? Is an application or certification required?

The Department will determine a business’ eligibility based on information available in its tax system. No application is required.

Eligibility notifications will be sent to businesses beginning the last week of June. In order to expedite the payment process, businesses with an email address associated with their TNTAP account will be notified of eligibility through email. Remaining businesses will be notified of eligibility by letter. Once notified, businesses will be prompted to complete an online pre-award certification form in order to verify their eligibility criteria and agree to the program’s payment guidelines. Businesses owners who do not have online access will be asked to complete a paper certification form.

Once the certification form has been completed and a business’ eligibility is confirmed, the department will issue a business relief payment. Payments will be made by direct deposit if the business has previously provided bank account information and authorized the Department to save that information.  Otherwise, payments will be made by check. 

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