How Do I Make an Estimated Payment for Tennessee's Franchise and Excise Taxes?

Tennessee's franchise and excise (F&E) estimated payments do not have an attached voucher that links the payment to a required installment. Instead, payments are applied to installments as follows:

  1. The effective date of the payment is compared to the due dates of each installment.
  2. The payment is applied to the installment that is closest to the payment’s effective date.
  3. If the installment the payment was directed to is already fully paid off, the payment will apply to the earliest installment that is not already paid off.

Example:  A taxpayer is required to make estimated payments for installments due on April 15th and June 15th. The taxpayer makes one payment on May 31st. Because May 31st is closer to June 15th, the payment will be applied to the June 15th installment.

To make an estimated tax payment for Tennessee franchise and excise taxes, please log in to your TNTAP account.  Next, select the Franchise/Excise Tax account, and then choose to “Make a Payment”. 

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