I received an Invalid Sales Tax Account Alert email after uploading my RAP wholesaler information report. What does this mean?

After you have uploaded the wholesaler report, we compare the sales tax account numbers in your report to our database of valid accounts.  If the account does not have a valid number or is closed at the time of upload, the account will be listed as invalid, and you will receive the email alert.  However, the data you uploaded is accepted.  The alert is notification that you should not make any future sales to that account number.

Please be aware that once the Department or the retailer has notified you that an account number or a Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Resale is no longer valid, you are no longer permitted to make tax exempt sales for resale to that retailer.  If you continue to make any tax exempt sales to the retailer after you have been notified that the certificate is invalid, you can be held responsible for the tax on those sales.

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