What information do I need to create a TNTAP login?

  • Legal name of business or individual
  • SSSN, FEIN, or Marital Joint ID
  • Account type, account ID, zip code for one account
  • Recent payment amount or letter ID
  • Valid email address

Your account ID is the new sales and use tax account number you should have received in recent correspondence from the Department of Revenue. It is 10 digits long and is formatted as 1234567890.

A letter ID is a unique number that is printed on all correspondence from the Department of Revenue since March 5, 2017 regarding sales and use tax, professional privilege tax, tobacco tax, liquor-by-the-drink tax, and television and telecommunications sales tax.  The letter ID is in the following format: L1234567890.

 In early March 2017, the Department of Revenue sent correspondence to taxpayers with above tax types via U.S. Mail. This letter contained these taxpayers’ new TNTAP account IDs as well as the letter ID you need to create a TNTAP logon.

Watch this video for instructions on how to create a TNTAP logon.

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