Is a new price schedule available, and how do I submit it?

Everyone licensed to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises must file a liquor-by-the-drink (LBD) price schedule of the alcoholic beverages that they offer for sale. The Department of Revenue has worked with industry taxpayers to simplify and modernize the price schedule. Taxpayers must file the new price schedule before entering business and at least annually thereafter. Taxpayers may file the price schedule more frequently if they need to report significant changes occurring during the year.

Taxpayers may either fax the Price Schedule Report, along with the required additional information or the Standard Price Schedule Form, to 615-741-1797. They may also mail it to:

Attn: Price Schedule Coordinator
Tennessee Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 190644
Nashville, TN 37219

If a taxpayer has a large amount of data and would like to submit the data electronically, it should contact the Department at 615-741-8499 for instructions.

For more information, see important notice 15-15.

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