What are the requirements for registering in a base jurisdiction?

The registrant must have an established place of business, meaning a building or office located in Tennessee that is owned or leased by the applicant. The physical address on the application must list this address. Post office box addresses are not acceptable. The business must be open during regular business hours. One or more permanent employees must report for work at this address and conduct trucking-related business on behalf of the company. The applicant need not have land line telephone service. Operational records must be maintained or made available in Tennessee, and distance must be accrued in Tennessee.

Applicants that do not have an established place of business must be able to establish proof of residence in Tennessee. Documentation must show the same address indicated on the application and contain the applicant’s name. In order to prove residency, the applicant must be able to provide copies of at least three of the following:

  • Applicant’s current Tennessee driver’s license (if applicant is an individual),
  • Documentation that proves the business is incorporated or registered to conduct business as a foreign corporation in Tennessee (if applicant is a corporation),
  • Documentation that proves the principal owner of a business is a resident of Tennessee (if applicant is a corporation),
  • Applicant’s current federal income tax return showing a Tennessee address,
  • Documentation proving the applicant has paid real estate or personal property taxes within the last year in the Tennessee,
  • Current utility bill, including telephone, electric, water, gas, cable, etc. in the applicant’s name with a Tennessee address. (Must include postmarked envelope bill was mailed in),
  • Current bank statement (not checks),
  • Current automobile, life or health insurance policy (not wallet card),
  • Current vehicle registration titled in Tennessee in applicant’s name,
  • Current Tennessee voter registration card, or
  • Other documentation that clearly provides proof of legal residence in Tennessee. 
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