If I obtain business licenses in my home county and city and then move my business to another county or city, can my business licenses be transferred over to the new county or city?

Business licenses cannot be transferred from one county to another or one city to another. If you change your business location to a different county or city, you must close out the business license/tax account for the old jurisdiction and obtain a new business license/tax account for the new jurisdiction. 

For those businesses having standard business licenses, this requires the business owner to file and pay their business taxes with the Tennessee Department of Revenue, marking their tax return as being filed for a closed business.  State law requires businesses to file and pay their file business taxes within 15 days after their business ceases operations.

If you relocate your business from one address to another in the same jurisdiction, you can contact the business tax clerk for that jurisdiction to transfer the license to the new location address within the same jurisdiction.

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