If I have business licenses in my home county and city and venture into another county for a temporary sales period, am I required to obtain a business license in the other county?

If you are licensed in Classifications 1, 2 or 3 in your home county or city, you can extend your business activities into other jurisdictions without obtaining additional business licenses there; however, you may not establish a business location in the other jurisdictions. An established business location in another jurisdiction would require the appropriate licenses there.

Businesses extending their operations into other jurisdictions should have a copy of their current business license available for inspection by the local county clerk and/or city recorder to ensure that business taxes will be properly filed and paid in the county and/or city where the business is located.

Contractors in Classification 4 must be licensed in their home county and city. If a contractor then extends its business into another jurisdiction and has more than $50,000 in annual gross receipts in the other jurisdiction, the contractor is required to obtain business license in the other jurisdiction for that reporting period.

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