How do I add a truck to my IRP account?

Complete an IRP schedule A, attached below. Also, submit the following documentation if applicable:

  • A power of attorney form, attached below, must be submitted if someone other than a representative of the company completes the schedule.
  • A copy of the motor carrier identification report (MCS-150), attached below, from the leasing company, if the vehicle is leased. If updated within the past twelve months, this form is not needed.
  • A copy of the lease agreement if the vehicle is leased. The lease agreement must identify the new vehicle(s) added to the IRP account.
  • An owners authorization to lessee, attached below, if the owner of the vehicle is different from the registrant.
  • A stamped copy of the  Schedule 1 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax form (Form 2290) for all vehicles with a combined gross weight of 55,000 lbs. or more. You can supply a copy of the Form 2290 along with the front and back of the cancelled check or a copy of the PDF file that was filed electronically.
  •  Proof of title for vehicle(s) being registered. If vehicle is already titled, bring a copy of a valid Tennessee certificate of title and registration or a valid copy of the Tennessee Department of Revenue Vehicle Services multi-purpose application, attached below, from the county clerk’s office. You may also bring a copy of the Tennessee title or a copy of the valid out-of-state certificate of title.
  • If exempt from sales tax, provide a copy of the application for sales tax exemption, attached below.

  • If exempt from sales tax and a leasing company, provide a copy of a Tennessee sales and use tax blanket certificate of resale. 

If you are applying through IRP, you will need the following:

  • An original Tennessee application for certificate of title and registration or a Tennessee Department of Revenue, Vehicle Services multi-purpose application.

  • Original Tennessee title properly assigned to the new owner, if no lien is noted, or

  • A copy of Tennessee title, front and back properly assigned to the new owner, if lien is noted, or the original certificate of origin (MSO), along with a bill of sale.

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