How do I retrieve a saved request in TNTAP?

Saved requests can be accessed multiple ways in TNTAP. Below are instructions that describe each.

  • Retrieve from the TNTAP logon page – This is only available for requests that began in the "additional services or payments" section on the logon page.
    • First, under “look up information and requests” select the "retrieve a saved request" hyperlink.
    • Next, enter the email address that was used to save the request and enter the confirmation code that was provided.
    • Finally, the request will display and you can select edit to continue. Note: If no edit is available, you have already fully submitted this request.
  • Retrieve after logging into TNTAP
    • Login to TNTAP with your username and password.
    • This step can be performed at the taxpayer screen or the account screen once logged in. Depending on the number of alerts, you will likely see a link that says “There is/are # request(s) not submitted." Select the hyperlink to access any saved or in progress requests. Additionally, you can go to the "requests, notices, and letters" tab. Under "my requests," you will see any request that needs attention. Select the relevant hyperlink to access any saved or in progress requests.
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