What is available in the “look up information & requests” section in TNTAP?

Read the descriptions below for a better understanding of what you can do when clicking each hyperlink in the "look up information & requests" heading.

  • Professional Privilege Account ID – Use this option to find your account id, aka account number by providing additional information. Provide the Social Security Number or the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) that the Department has on file for you, and then select your profession and the license number provided by your professional board.  If correct, your account number will be provided.
  • Professional Privilege Account Status – Use this to check the status of you professional privilege account. You must enter an identification type that on file with the Department. You can select your account number, ITIN or SSN. Enter the corresponding number. You must also select your license type. The option here is also your profession.  Next, enter the license number you have from your professional board.  The status of your account will then display.
  • Retrieve a Saved Request – Use this option to retrieve saved requests that were added from the "additional services" or "payment" sections on the TNTAP login page. Enter the email address and confirmation code to retrieve your saved information.
  • Sales & Use Tax Certificate – This is used to verify a certificate for a taxpayer who claims to be exempt. Enter the certificate type and the exemption number to verify.
  • TN Vendor Contract Registration – This survey is used to determine whether you must register for sales and use tax to complete your vendor contact. Answer the questions, and follow the process to determine whether you are required to set up a sales tax account.
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