What happens if my offer is not accepted?

The Department will notify the applicant by mail if the offer is not accepted.

The taxpayer should not expect a counteroffer from the Department.  The Department does on limited occasions make a counteroffer, but only if the taxpayer’s initial offer is reasonably close to what the Department believes is acceptable based on the taxpayer’s financial information.

The Department recognizes that many taxpayers are unable to pay a tax liability in full immediately. When the Department declines to accept an offer in compromise, the taxpayer is normally given the option of an installment payment agreement. If the taxpayer submitted sufficient financial information, the Department will include suggested payment plan terms. The taxpayer may also request that the Department consider alternative terms.

The taxpayer will be given a reasonable amount of time to consider whether to proceed with a payment plan before collection activity begins. The taxpayer must contact the Department to make payment arrangements by the date stated in the letter or collections activity will begin.

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