When is an informal conference typically not necessary?

An informal conference is typically not necessary in the following situations:

  • Requesting information or asking questions about your account. Please contact our Taxpayer Services Division at 615-253-0600 or send us a message through this website. Your request will be routed to the appropriate staff.
  • If you received an estimated proposed assessment because you did not timely file a tax return. The Department of Revenue sends out notices of proposed assessment that have estimated amounts due when taxpayers do not file tax returns by the due date. If you have received this kind of proposed assessment, you should file the missing return and report the amount that is actually owed, including any applicable penalty and interest. Filing your return will correct the estimated assessment and replace that with the amount actually owed.
  • If the only challenge you have is to the assessment of interest. If a proposed assessment is determined to be correct, state law prohibits the Department of Revenue from waiving interest.
  • If you agree that the assessment is correct but cannot afford to pay it all at once.
    • If you want to pay the liability through an installment payment agreement, click here.
    • If you want to submit an offer in compromise, click here
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