What do the letters mean after my account number?

These letters are an additional way to identify your account.  Below are full descriptions of what the three letters indicate.

AML – Alcohol Manufacturer License

ARS- Automobile Rental Surcharge

BAL- Bail Bond Tax

BBF – Beer Manufacturer/Importer License

BER – Beer Barrelage Tax

BND – Bond Account

BOT – Bottler Gross Receipts

BRR – Brand Registration

BUS – Business Tax

CCT – Common Carrier Tax

COA - Coin Operated Amusement Tax

COS – Coal Severance Tax

DAB – Distillers Alcoholic Beverage

ENF – Enforcement Tax

FAE – Franchise and Excise Tax

FST- Fantasy Sports Tax

FTJ – IFTA Jurisdiction

IFT – IFTA Carrier

INC – Hall Income Tax

INF – Reports Account

INT – Interstate

IRJ – IRP Jurisdiction

IRP - International Registration Plan

LBD – Liquor by the Drink Account

LTF - Litigation Fines and Fees

LTT - Litigation Tax

MIN – Mineral Severance Tax

MLT - Marriage License Tax

MOF – Motor Oil Fee

MXB – Mixing Bar Gross Receipts

ONG – Oil and Natural Gas Severance Tax

OVW – Overweight Assessment

PMT – Permit Purchasing

PRO – Professional Privilege Tax Account

RTM - Realty Transfer and Mortgage

SAB – Sales/Auto Boat Account

SFL – Flea Market Tax Account

SLC – Sales and Use Account

SST – Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Account

STV – TV and Telecommunications Account

TIF – Tire Fee

TDS – Tobacco Distributor Account

TMN – Tobacco Manufacturer Distributor Account

TOB – Tobacco Tax Account

TSP – Tobacco Stamp Account

TWO – Tobacco Wholesaler Account

TWR – Tobacco Manufacturer Warehouse Account

UCR - Unified Carrier Registration Agreement

USB – Unauthorized Substances

USE – Consumer Use Tax Account

UTL – Utilities Gross Receipts

VND – Vending Machine Gross Receipts

VNF – Vending Machine Fee

WAB – Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage

WBA  - Wholesale Beer License

WBR – Wholesale Beer Tax

WIN – Wine Tax

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