How do I print a payment receipt in TNTAP?

After you log into your TNTAP account, go to the "Requests, Notices, and Letters" tab. Next, select the “Show All” hyperlink in the "My Requests" section.  This displays all requests that have been sent to the Department of Revenue.  This will include filing and amending returns, address change requests, name change requests, payment requests, and other requests.

The next screen displays two tabs that organize information.  You can see information for the last three years, or all.  Within this list you will see any payments that have been submitted to the Department.  Use the blue hyperlink to go into the detail for that payment. 

The next screen displays payment information.  In the center section named “Status” select the "Print" hyperlink.  This will pull up a PDF of  the payment summary.  You must ensure that your pop up blocker is disabled in order to view the PDF.  Use your browser printing capabilities to print the payment summary.

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