Can I start a return in TNTAP and finish it later?

Yes.  If you start filling out a return and would like to complete it at a later time you can click “Save Draft” in the bottom left corner of the page.  If you “Log Off” of TNTAP without clicking “Save Draft” all unsaved information will be lost and you will need to restart the return from the beginning. 

***  Please note that drafts are only saved for 60 days.  You must complete your submission before the 60 day period elapses. ***

To access a drafted submission:

  1. Log into TNTAP.
  2. Click “Submissions” Tab
  3. In the “Draft Submissions” section, select the hyperlink for the return you want to access.
  4. In the “I Want To” section, select the “Edit Submission” hyperlink to continue editing the return. You can also view, print or delete your return at this point as well.
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