Can I save my payment information in TNTAP?

Yes; there are multiple ways you can save your banking information on TNTAP.  There is no way to save credit card numbers.

  • Save your payment information when making a payment:
    • Log into TNTAP
    • Select the Account and Period for this payment
    • Click the “Make a Payment” link in the “I Want To” section
    • Select ACH Debit
    • In the “Payment Channel” section, fill in your banking information then select “Yes” when asked if you’d like to “Save this payment channel for future use”
    • You must submit your payment to save the bank account


  • Saving your payment information through Settings
    • Log into TNTAP.
    • To navigate to the Settings page you can click on the dropdown menu on the left corner next to the “TNTAP” title, or by selecting “Settings.”
    • Select the “Payment Channels” Tab, and then select the “Setup new payment channel” hyperlink.
    • Enter your bank information, and then select the “Save” button. You can add as many bank accounts as you would like
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