Can I register my new business on TNTAP?

Yes. Currently there are some tax accounts that can be registered through TNTAP (i.e. sales and use tax, liquor by the drink tax, tobacco tax, professional privilege tax, and consumer use tax). You can register your business by selecting the “Register a New Business” hyperlink under the “Additional Non-logon Services” section.

Follow the directions to complete the registration form. Use the “Previous” button to move to completed pages of the form. When all information on the current page of the form is complete, select the “Next” button to continue to the next page of the form. When you complete the registration form click “Submit” to complete your registration.

Use the “Cancel” button to discard your registration form.

Use the “Save” button to save your request for a later time. Be careful to copy down the confirmation code given, so you may recover your saved request at a later time. You MUST have the confirmation code to recover the saved request. Without the confirmation code you will have to start the registration form from the beginning.

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