If I am a third-party user, how do I register for TNTAP account access?

You must register yourself in TNTAP by creating a TNTAP Logon.

  1. Go to the TNTAP website.
  2. In the “New to TNTAP?” section, select the “Create a TNTAP Logon” button.
  3. Enter your registration information and select the “Next” button to stage through the registration process.
  4. Select the “Submit” button, and enter your email to submit the registration request.
  5. Using your logon information, log into to your TNTAP account.
  6. In the “I Want To” section, select the “Manage Accounts” hyperlink.
  7. Select the “Gain Access to an Account” hyperlink.
  8. Enter the account information, and then select the “Next” button.
  9. Select the accounts you would like access to, and then select the “Next” button.
  10. Select the “Submit” button.
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