What is an authentication code?



The Department of Revenue uses two-factor authentication when logging in to TNTAP.  The first factor is the logon, which is your unique username and password.

The second factor is a six-digit code, which is sent to the taxpayer after he or she attempts to logon. This code is called an authentication code. When you sign up for TNTAP access, you choose whether your authentication code should be emailed to you, texted to you, or both. When selecting text, please choose the mobile carrier you use for your mobile phone.

When you login to TNTAP for the first time from a new device, you will enter your username and password. The next screen will display a message that says "The browser you are logging on with is not recognized." To continue to your TNTAP account, click “Send Authentication Code” or “Send Authentication Text” to have the code sent to you. Note: push this button once. If you click the button more than one time, please use the newest code because prior codes will not be valid. If you have requested that the code be emailed to you, please leave this screen up while checking your email in another window so that the session is still up.

Enter the code that has been emailed or texted to you, depending on what you chose when you set up your logon.

Once you have entered the code, you can select “Yes” or “No” to "Remember this Device”. Selecting “Yes” allows TNTAP to validate the device you are using and in the future to sign on to the system using only a username and password from this device. This should only be used for a trusted device, not a public one.

If you choose “No” to “Remember this Device”, you will need a new authentication code each time you login to TNTAP from the device.

Additionally, if you access your account using a different device, a new authentication code is required.

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