How do I file a return in TNTAP?

Filing a return from the Account Level:

  1. Log into TNTAP
  2. Click on the Accounts Tab;
  3. Select the appropriate account;
  4. Once in the account, identify the period you wish to file;
  5. Click the “File Return” hyperlink.


Filing a return from the Manage Payments and Returns page:

  1. Log into TNTAP
  2. Navigate to the “I Want To” section;
  3. Click on the “Make Payments and Returns” hyperlink;
  4. Click on “Make Payments and File Returns” hyperlink under the “Manage Payments” section.
  5. In the “Show” section, select “Returns” from the first drop down;
  6. Select “Not Filed” from the second drop down;
  7. Click the link in the status column to begin filing the return.
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