I am a CPA or tax preparer. How will I gain access to my clients’ accounts?

If you are a tax preparer who does not have a sales and use tax, professional privilege tax, tobacco tax or liquor-by-the-drink tax account in Tennessee, you will select “Third Party Registration” on the TNTAP login screen to create a new logon.  

Once the login is created, use the following steps to gain access to a client’s account.

1. Log into TNTAP.
2. Select “Manage Accounts.”
3. Select “Gain Access to a Tax Account.”
4. To the question, “Who does this tax account belong to? Select “Someone Else.”
5. Enter the ID Type and ID.
6. Certify that you are an authorized representative of this taxpayer.
7. Enter the account type.
8. Enter the account ID.
9. Enter the account Zip Code.
10. Last select the method for which you want to verify the account.
      a.    Enter one of the last three payment amounts
      b.    Enter the Letter ID.
      c.    Send instructions.
11. Select “Next.”
12. Select the account(s) for which you request access.
13. Select “Next.”
14. Click “Submit” to complete the request.  Please note:  The taxpayer will be mailed a letter confirming that you have been granted account access.


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