How do I register beer containing 5% - 8% alcohol by weight (ABW)?

Effective January 1, 2017, before a brand of beer with an alcohol content of 5%-8% by weight can be distributed in Tennessee, it must be registered with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.  Register through TNTAP by logging in, select "Manage accounts" and "Register New Account.”  In addition to the application and payment of the required tax, the following documents must be submitted to register with the Department:

  • A copy of the federal basic permit;
  • A copy of the brand label (if the brand is distributed under more than one label, each respective label must also be furnished);
  • A copy of the federal C.O.L.A. (Certificate of Label Approval) for each brand;
  • The original Tennessee wholesaler contract with the exact brand name listed or Beer Wholesaler Territorial Designation; and 
  • The Brand Registration Return for New Brands(ALC 119) 

Each brand must be renewed each year by May 31st. Brands not renewed at that time will no longer be approved for sale in Tennessee.

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